The Radio system


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The Radio system is a very technical process. Radio signals go through a lot of wires and waves.


First you speak through a transmitter that makes waves and those waves go through something called a carrier wave. A carrier wave makes normal waves turn into radio waves. When it’s gone through a carrier wave it goes to a radio tower. Radio towers are tall structures designed to support antennas (also known as aerials) for communication and broadcasting, including television. They are among the tallest man-made structures.Once an antenna has sent out the radio waves the radio waves go floating in the air.


So now you’re probably wondering why doesn’t the radio waves go out into space. Well there’s a part of the Earth’s atmosphere called the ionosphere that stretches from 50-80 km above the Earth’s surface.The radio waves bounce off the ionosphere.


Then a receiver should pick up the radio waves and go into another carrier. Then they turn back into electrical single and come out of a speaker.


Walkie talkies are very similar to a radio but the radio waves don’t go to an antenna instead it goes straight to the other walkie talkie. That’s why you can only go a certain distance with walkie talkies.


Radio waves have helped people very much and the radio system works very quickly.


By Samson

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