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My favourite book is Matilda. I like the book Matilda because it has a lot of adventure, Matilda does lots of pranks and she is quit smart. My favourite part is when she puts super super super glue on her dad’s hat and I like at the end when Miss Honey adops Matilda.

What is your favourite book?

Have you ever read Matilda?

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Hi Samson,
I love the book Matilda as well I have it at home
My favourite book is the BFG
From Eboni

Hi Samson,

I love your awesome “My Favourite Book” comment, Matilda is one of my favourite books too I think the Trunchbull is cruel! My favourite book is probably the Harry Potter series I think Ron Weasley is REEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLYYYYYYYYYYYY funny. I think your blog is great if you ever want a comment I would be happy to. You can visit my blog if you want but remember, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

Sincerely Patrick.C A.K.A CHEZZAH!

Dear Samson,
No I haven’t read Matilda.
What was the funny bit.
From Leonardo.

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