My Favourite Book


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My favourite book is Matilda. I like the book Matilda because it has a lot of adventure, Matilda does lots of pranks and she is quit smart. My favourite part is when she puts super super super glue on her dad’s hat and I like at the end when Miss Honey adops Matilda.

What is your favourite book?

Have you ever read Matilda?

My Excursion


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On Monday the 15th of August we went on an excursion to the Botanical gardens and Federation square.

We first went to the Botanical gardens.  We went by bus. It took us about half an hour to get there. When we got there we had recess. Then we did an Indigenous Australian greeting. We had to clap with a pair of clapsticks and they gave us a gum leaf that we had to put in a fire. Then a lady called Diane showed us what plants Indigenous Australians used for medicine, food and so much more. Diane also showed us how Indigenous Australians would make baskets and other things. They would use some wheat and they would tie it in a special way.  Diane showed us how to do it. We got to have a go at tying the wheat. It was actually pretty good.

After that we learnt about how there were so many countries in Australia when Indigenous Australians were here.  We also learnt how they caught food and how they spoke different languages. Then we did some painting like indigenous Australians would. They didn’t have paint like we do now. Instead they would make it themselves. We needed a special type of rock that had a colour inside of it. You would smash the rock with another rock and then put some water on it. There you would have some paint. They would have to use their fingers instead of brushes. We got to do our own painting. Mine wasn’t bad.

After that we had lunch. Then we got on the bus and went to Federation square. There was an indigenous Australian who took us on a tour guide around Federation square and some of the Yarra river. He told us what he would do when he was a child. He would have to climb a tree and make all the possums fall down. They would use the possum fur for a blanket or clothes. Indigenous Australians would make weapons and shields out of gum trees. They would put holes in the tree and the tree was so sensitive that in a few weeks a whole bit of the tree would stick out. Then they would get it off the tree and make it into weapons and shields. Then we went inside federation square and got to look at some boomerangs, possums fur, didgeridoos and so much more. Next, we unfortunately had to leave. So we got on the bus and went back to school. I had a great day!

By Samson

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