Digestive system


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Hi Samson,
What do the small intestines do in the body?
How long does the food stay in the body for?
From Joseph

Dear Samson,
I really liked it but it would be awesome if you did more information.

From Jun

hi samson great blog i will continuo after school

hi samson,
the aussie way to spell esophagus is oesophagus
why is there the foo at the end of your post?
regards Jimmy

hi samson,
your digestive system is cool I like your information
from sophia

Dear Samson I like Report on the digestive System but it needs more information.
From Saptha

Dear Samson,

Your blog post is awesome because when you said the Digestive System is inside your body I would not say that like you do.

From Kalani

To Samson
you did great job because you put lots of information in your blog. Well done.

from Will

Hi Samo,
love the writing keep up the good work.
By Jackson

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