Digestive system incursion


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When we got there Sally was talking about the Mouth, Teeth and Saliva. She was also talking about sugar and how it digests in your mouth. Then we put a lolly in our mouth and she wanted us to feel the sugar digesting in our mouths. The lolly was delicious.

Then she was talking about the oesophagus. The oesophagus is in your throat and that breaks down the food that we eat. We had to play this game called peristalsis and we had a stocking and a ping pong ball. We got into groups of 5 and we had to push the ping pong ball through the stocking like you ate something and it’s going through your throat. Whichever team won got another lolly and all teams wanted the prize but only one team could win the prize. That team wasn’t my team unfortunately.

After that we did an experiment and we had to put a piece of bread in plastic bag and mix it with water. It looked gross! Then we put cocoa and oats in the plastic bag. Then we put the stuff in a cloth and I had to squeeze the water out. Once all the water was squeezed out of the cloth there was stuff left that was the waste. After we did that we got to touch an ox’s tongue, a pig’s small intestine and a pig’s stomach. We obviously touched those organs with gloves. Straight away I washed my hands. Over all I think it was an awesome, interesting incursion.

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Dear Samson,
How does a lolly digest in your mouth? What helps break it down?
From Mr M

Hi Samson,

I like how you wrote everything step by step but
you shouldn’t start strait away by explaining what happened you should intruduce what happenens 1rst

Dear samson

very good and descriptive digestive system text

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