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Astronomy is the study of outerspace. Outerspace includes the solar system,planets,stars,comets and galaxies. 

Old Astronomy 

400 years ago humans began to understand the universe.Many people thought the universe was a giant glass. They thought the stars were holes in glass. 


Galileo was a famous astronomer who invented his own telescope.Galileo is often referred as the first greatest scientist. 

The solar system 

The solar system is basically how the planets revolve around the Sun.

Mars is called the red planet because of it’s orange rocks and red sand.

Jupiter has 49 moons and ring Earth only has one moon.

Saturn has 3 main rings.If you looked through a telescope you would be able to see those 3 main rings. 

Remember Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. Astronomy contributes to our knowledge about the universe. I hope you have learnt something about Astronomy.

Fans rue Hawks relocation


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1. A Hawks fan who lives a street away from Waverley Park is heart-broken after the Hawthorn Football Club announced plans to fly the nest.

2. The club announced last week it would relocate to a larger site in Dingley within 5-10 years, after 9 years in Mulgrave.

3. AFL in Melbourne is more than just a game, it is in your blood.

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