My Holidays


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My holidays were the worst! OK I’m just joking. On Tuesday I went to the Royal Melbourne show. When we got there I wanted to get some show bags straight away. Then we saw a horse race. To be honest I thought it was pretty boring.  But then there was a dirt bike race between Melbourne and Brisbane. Melbourne won!!!!!!!!  Then we got some more show bags and left. On Friday we went to Queensland. When we got there I unpacked and went to the beach. I went paddle boarding, boggy boarding and surfing. I have had a awesome holiday.

Did you go to the Royal Melbourne show?

Did you enjoy your holidays?

Did you go on a plan in the h

Mother Earth


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Dear Mother Earth,

To help you I will put my apple cores and banana peels in a special bin and I’ll  make it into fertilizer for my garden. Instead of driving  to school I’ll ride my bike to school or I’ll walk to school.

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The Radio system


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The Radio system is a very technical process. Radio signals go through a lot of wires and waves.


First you speak through a transmitter that makes waves and those waves go through something called a carrier wave. A carrier wave makes normal waves turn into radio waves. When it’s gone through a carrier wave it goes to a radio tower. Radio towers are tall structures designed to support antennas (also known as aerials) for communication and broadcasting, including television. They are among the tallest man-made structures.Once an antenna has sent out the radio waves the radio waves go floating in the air.


So now you’re probably wondering why doesn’t the radio waves go out into space. Well there’s a part of the Earth’s atmosphere called the ionosphere that stretches from 50-80 km above the Earth’s surface.The radio waves bounce off the ionosphere.


Then a receiver should pick up the radio waves and go into another carrier. Then they turn back into electrical single and come out of a speaker.


Walkie talkies are very similar to a radio but the radio waves don’t go to an antenna instead it goes straight to the other walkie talkie. That’s why you can only go a certain distance with walkie talkies.


Radio waves have helped people very much and the radio system works very quickly.


By Samson

My Favourite Book


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My favourite book is Matilda. I like the book Matilda because it has a lot of adventure, Matilda does lots of pranks and she is quit smart. My favourite part is when she puts super super super glue on her dad’s hat and I like at the end when Miss Honey adops Matilda.

What is your favourite book?

Have you ever read Matilda?

My Excursion


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On Monday the 15th of August we went on an excursion to the Botanical gardens and Federation square.

We first went to the Botanical gardens.  We went by bus. It took us about half an hour to get there. When we got there we had recess. Then we did an Indigenous Australian greeting. We had to clap with a pair of clapsticks and they gave us a gum leaf that we had to put in a fire. Then a lady called Diane showed us what plants Indigenous Australians used for medicine, food and so much more. Diane also showed us how Indigenous Australians would make baskets and other things. They would use some wheat and they would tie it in a special way.  Diane showed us how to do it. We got to have a go at tying the wheat. It was actually pretty good.

After that we learnt about how there were so many countries in Australia when Indigenous Australians were here.  We also learnt how they caught food and how they spoke different languages. Then we did some painting like indigenous Australians would. They didn’t have paint like we do now. Instead they would make it themselves. We needed a special type of rock that had a colour inside of it. You would smash the rock with another rock and then put some water on it. There you would have some paint. They would have to use their fingers instead of brushes. We got to do our own painting. Mine wasn’t bad.

After that we had lunch. Then we got on the bus and went to Federation square. There was an indigenous Australian who took us on a tour guide around Federation square and some of the Yarra river. He told us what he would do when he was a child. He would have to climb a tree and make all the possums fall down. They would use the possum fur for a blanket or clothes. Indigenous Australians would make weapons and shields out of gum trees. They would put holes in the tree and the tree was so sensitive that in a few weeks a whole bit of the tree would stick out. Then they would get it off the tree and make it into weapons and shields. Then we went inside federation square and got to look at some boomerangs, possums fur, didgeridoos and so much more. Next, we unfortunately had to leave. So we got on the bus and went back to school. I had a great day!

By Samson

Digestive system


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Digestive system incursion


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When we got there Sally was talking about the Mouth, Teeth and Saliva. She was also talking about sugar and how it digests in your mouth. Then we put a lolly in our mouth and she wanted us to feel the sugar digesting in our mouths. The lolly was delicious.

Then she was talking about the oesophagus. The oesophagus is in your throat and that breaks down the food that we eat. We had to play this game called peristalsis and we had a stocking and a ping pong ball. We got into groups of 5 and we had to push the ping pong ball through the stocking like you ate something and it’s going through your throat. Whichever team won got another lolly and all teams wanted the prize but only one team could win the prize. That team wasn’t my team unfortunately.

After that we did an experiment and we had to put a piece of bread in plastic bag and mix it with water. It looked gross! Then we put cocoa and oats in the plastic bag. Then we put the stuff in a cloth and I had to squeeze the water out. Once all the water was squeezed out of the cloth there was stuff left that was the waste. After we did that we got to touch an ox’s tongue, a pig’s small intestine and a pig’s stomach. We obviously touched those organs with gloves. Straight away I washed my hands. Over all I think it was an awesome, interesting incursion.

Welcome back


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Hi guys I hoped you missed me cause Samson is back. There is going to be even more amazing things on my blog.

Why you should go to Italy


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Oh, Venice…
Venice is the stuff bucket lists are made of: stunning basilicas, gondolas and plenty of views that’ll make any romantic heart melt. Try to visit in spring before the heat sets in and oh2014-03-06-VeniceEfrenSanchez.jpg (990×663), it’s sinking, so get there while you can!

There are Roman ruins 
Italy and ruins go hand in hand, but make sure to visit the Roman Forum, the epicenter of ancient Rome and home to stunning temples, arches, and government buildings that make it easy to recall the incredible grandeur of 2000 years ago.

16.) There’s an infinite variety of pasta…
You can count the varieties you know, but trust us…it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Italy has over 300 types of pasta, each tastier than the last. The best part? They’re often fresh and handmade! Let’s not even begin to talk about the sauces.

1. Have you ever been to Italy?

2.If you have been to Italy why did you go?

3. If you’ve been to Italy what was your favourite part?


2014-03-06-PastaIgnacioIzquierdo.jpg (990×663)2014-03-06-RomanForumAnaMartnezDeMingo.jpg (990×663)


Sovereign Hill


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The three things I learnt were:

1.Irish farmers came to Australia because of the potato famine.

2.Malted gold can dry in about 5 minutes.

3.The welcome nugget is 99 percent pure gold and is worth millions of $.

My favorite memory was bowling.

Fun Fact

The welcome nugget was found in 1858 by Richard Jeffey

I would like to be a blacksmith because I like using tools .

Who found the Welcome nugget ?

 What year was the Welcome nugget found ?

Why did some Irish farmers leave Ireland ?

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